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 Looking  after a horse or pony takes a lot of time and hard work - in all weathers. To capture the bond between you. I offer portrait sessions out on your favorite hack, in a pretty paddock, or even on the beach. I endeavour to capture their unique personalities and behaviors, all the while ensuring that they look their very best


Some questions you may have before your   photo shoot 

Weather, what happens if it's going to be bad?

I will contact you a few days before the photo shoot to do a weather check,  sometimes we can dodge the showers.  However if it's unlikely that's going to be the case, we can re arrange.  Its not a problem at all. 

How do I view the photos and how long will they take?

All images will be put onto an online gallery on my website and  will be password protected.  Delivery time between 7-14 days 

What if my horse wont stand still?

If you have a fidgety horse, it may be best if they are ridden before hand.  Also they can get bored too... some times all they need is to go for a short walk.

Deciding what to wear

Overly vibrant colour's, or heavy patterns/branding can be distracting! Try to pick more subtle or muted shades, or pick a palette of complimentary colour's to avoid an overload. Don’t go for something that will date quickly - simple, classic garments that are well-tailored will keep the photos looking current for much longer. 

Feel free to dress up or dress down - a smart outfit (suit trousers, dresses, heels, bow ties) can look just as amazing as a casual one (chunky knit jumpers, wellies and scarves). Just make sure that whatever you choose is practical enough for you to stay warm, comfortable and safe during your photo shoot. 

How do I book a photoshoot?

thats simple!!   contact me via phone 07731739131  or via email

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